Top 5 Skills to Set You Apart

The most "indemand" skills we look for in a new hire

At InDemand Services, we hire thousands of employees every year for projects across the United States.  In interviewing and hiring so many candidates, there are certain skill sets that we look for as these traits set candidates apart.  Want to know the secret? It's actually really simple.  If you have these 5 skill sets, and are looking to join our team, make sure to click apply at the bottom of this article.  You are sure to stand out to us!

Skill 1: Critical thinking and problem-solving

Every job requires this. Employees need to be able to see the big picture and understand how to address the pain points of processes and procedures to become more effective and efficient. The ability to think critically is not simply a skill but a habit that can assist in solving problems.


Skill 2: Teamwork and collaboration

In the ever-changing workforce, the ability to work together, whether remote or in office, is essential. The ability to collaborate across departments on projects and to accomplish objectives will stand out on a resume. The ideal team player will stand out to employers.

Skill 3: Professionalism and strong work ethic

There is one thing every employer has in common: they want their employees to have a strong work ethic and be professional. The ability to reflect the company's values and align with its mission, vision, and values will separate one candidate from another. A strong work ethic builds trust within the organization and co-workers, displaying reliability and dependability.  

Skill 4: Verbal and written communication skills

Skills can stand out on every resume by how it is written and how the candidate answers questions in an interview. Communication skills involve active listening, speaking, observing, and empathizing. Having strong communication skills is essential for every team.


Skill 5: Leadership

Finding an employee who will make the team and company better is the goal of every hire. When a resume shows growth in job responsibilities and promotion within a company, you can have a track record of development and increased leadership. When people see that you are enthusiastic and passionate about your work, they too get excited about their work.


As a Recruiter at InDemand, you'll be entrusted with a noble task: to ensure consistent employment and a stable livelihood for people across the country.

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