All in the Details

Always strive for a Spirit of Excellence


Written by Nate Hagerty - Executive Vice President
So much of what we push here at InDemand Services revolves around paying attention to the little things — the details. 
It is a key component when striving for a Spirit of Excellence and cannot be overlooked or dismissed.
Customers expect to see the big pieces of the project done right.


The details, which are subtle at times, speak volumes about a company's Core Values. Taking care of the entire project, from top to bottom, down to the tiniest details, causes our employees to stand out from others and ultimately leads to more work.
Thinking, "What’s the point?", "No one will notice if I skip this step," or "I don’t have time" are questions or comments everyone has thought of at one time or another.
But try to shift your thinking slightly to, "I’m going to do the best job possible, no matter what."  
I assure you that your efforts will become noticed.
Colossians 3:23 says, “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.”
All employees must focus on the details — even more so — as we enter the busy period of the year. Our work needs to be 100% correct and at a quality level that surpasses the client’s expectations.  
Keep in mind that this responsibility does not rest solely on the Field Ops Management Team or the Supervisor. It falls on everyone equally. No matter your position, you can directly affect how the client views InDemand Services. 
It takes each of us doing our part and being on board to be successful
Step in, take charge, and speak up If you see someone who isn't "sweating" the details, offer to help — We Before Me. Many times, it is a simple training issue that needs addressing.
 We continue to ask that everyone bring their unique skill set and experience to work with them each day, ready to further InDemand’s mission and solidify our place in the industry.
Keep up the great work, InDemand Team!


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