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08/29 - 09/04

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  • When sending photos to marketing, please adhere to the Dress Code: IDS shirts tucked in, blue Jeans or khakis (no rips, holes, or tears), steel toe shoes, or approved safety shoes, etc.



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InDemand Services, Field & Office Employees


"Bill and I just finished 5 IDS stores, with one more left to complete, and 5 ProV stores, most of which are still active and all of which had IDS employees including leads, NSC's/LIT's, and field personnel. Reflecting, we found it difficult to narrow down the 'shout out' to one or even a few folks. 


As most know, this year has been especially tough to build and maintain headcount for our stores throughout the country. Without the employees from IDS working on these projects... well, they would not have been completed. On some of the projects we literally moved NSC/LIT's straight to leading teams, moved field employees to NSC/LIT's, and on some occasions utilized our field personnel as assistant leads without a full-time promotion. 


So, we would like to give a shout out to all the IDS employees that contributed to completing our projects. We are of course including everyone from the office to the field, as well as those who covered both venues. In the heat of battle on these projects, we sometimes forget to properly call out our folks and by the next day, we are moving forward again. 


So, thank you for all that you do."

- Doug M., Project Manager & Bill M., Field Manager


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Happy Workiversary to:
Week 08/29 - 09/04


No workiversaries this week.
Happy Birthday to:
Week 08/29 - 09/04
08/29 – Jason Campbell, Devontai Pounds, Bruce Wilson


08/30 – Landis Thompson, Shamar Williams


08/31– Ronjanae Gandy, Kyle Sawyers
09/01 – David Allen, Zachary Fallon, Manuel Oseguera


09/02 – Gregory Avalos, Dallas Maclachlan, Lisa Martinson, Martina Moore
09/03 – Dashawn Davis, Blake Franklin, Anthony Lawton, Edgar Loera, Jessica Murphy, Derrion Skinner, Charles Zinkula
09/04 – Cody Kautzman, Richard Tahamont, Donta Trice