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06/19 - 06/25

Take our Newest Safety Quiz!


We are excited to bring a new Safety Quiz program for our Field Employees for June! We are continuing this month with the ever-so-popular back injuries.
Active employees who submit correct answers to the quiz will be entered into a quarterly raffle to win company SWAG for each correct answer.



2 Minute News is a new segment that will provide a quick update on the company's week. The news items will include updates on projects, changes within the company, upcoming company events, promotions, updates with per diem, FAQs, etc.

  • This week at InDemand, we will be completing project #6149 in Orlando, FL.


  • Shout-out to Lakesha Franklin, David Nichols, and Andres Ramos for their leadership of the team.  Great job team!




"So much of what we push here at InDemand Services revolves around paying attention to the little things — the details ... 
The details, which are subtle at times, speak volumes about a company's Core Values. Taking care of the entire project, from top to bottom, down to the tiniest details, causes our employees to stand out from others..."

New Leadership Live!


Did you miss last week's Leadership Live? No problem, watch it now! This month our host was none other than Dr. Edward Fubara!
Dr. Fubara discussed the significance of expressing gratitude in the workplace, and the positive effects it can give both the recipient and the giver. He also informs on different approaches for properly expressing gratitude to your peers.
Did you know gratitude directly improves physical and psychological health as well?
Watch this Leadership Live and learn more about Dr. Fubara’s insight on How to Express Gratitude Toward Your Co-workers!


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  • When sending photos to marketing, please adhere to the Dress Code: IDS shirts tucked in, blue Jeans or khakis (no rips, holes, or tears), approved safety shoes, etc.

Employee Spotlight!



Shout Out of the Week: 

Erik Bell, Field Rep.


"No matter what the request is, Ruben completes it with a smile. He is a huge support to our team, lead, and project!”
- David Nichols, Lead


Happy Workiversary to:
Week 06/19 - 06/25
2 Yrs:
06/22 - Kenny Bonham, Nicole Moraga



Happy Birthday to:
Week 06/19 - 06/25
June 19 - Matthew Epps, Victor Figueroa, David Parnell
June 20 - Carah Brown
June 22 - Janae Augustin, Regina King, Roberta Wise
June 23 - Brittney Dallas
June 24 - Brookie Moore
June 25 - Maribel Hernandez, Andrew Tinsley



3 Ways to Save Your Knees - Knee Safety
"No matter what you do for a living — construction, warehouse, public safety, retail, or any other job that requires you to carry loads or be on your feet for long periods of time, you should know how to take care of your knees."


Our Sister Company, ProVantage, has a tremendous need for qualified Leads/Supervisors.

Travel opportunities, Per Diem, and more! 
For more information, contact recruiting@provantage-corp.