Wall of Fame Ceremony

Celebrating Our Recruiters & Schedulers

On Friday, October 1, the InDemand family gathered to celebrate a new class of inductees into the Wall of Fame. If you aren't aware, the Wall of Fame (pictured in the slideshow below) celebrates Recruiters and Schedulers who have worked upwards of 50K, 100K, 250K, 500K, and 1M hours. Inductees receive a plaque and a glass diamond to commemorate their time and dedication to the company—the plaque is added to the Wall of Fame in the corporate headquarters.


Hours worked is a critical statistic, but the number of employees recruited and onboarded by each Recruiter and Scheduler is arguably more important. Why? Because each new employee is a life changed—with employment comes financial security, a fruitful career, and new opportunities. For this reason, inductees were also recognized for the many lives they've impacted through the gift of employment.

Congratulations to the following Recruiters and Schedulers inducted into the Wall of Fame. Thank you for your continued dedication and service!

2021 Wall of Fame Inductees


Bill Weaver
Connie Shivers
Letti DeSantis


Kamesha Crocker
Laura Gigante


Adrian Taylor
Denise Petway
Shatora Sutton
Amy Symons


Ana Morales

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